SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can do wonders to enhance your online visibility and maximize ROI. The history of SEO shows it is an evolving subject. Over the years, we have seen how SEO concepts, development and best practices have evolved over time. Here, we would mention 6 SEO trends we expect to witness in 2021. These trends are likely to disrupt the entire industry in the coming days.

1. Content with high E-A-T to find more prominence

Google E-A-T

As always, content will play an integral role in 2021 as well. The focus will be on creating contents with high E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness) as Google’s latest algorithm has prioritised it as an important ranking factor.  High E-A-T contents would match the most with the search intent and would give you the ‘ticket’ to rank higher in Google.

2. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

 There is already a buzz around PWAs. They seem to be instrumental in increasing user engagement. They can also siphon users into your marketing channel and can increase the user dwell time.

3. Increased demand for smart analytics

Increased demand for smart analytics

We expect an increased demand for smart analytics tools. These tools help a great deal to determine the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. They monitor the organic clicks on the pages and help the client with insights so that they can optimize their decision making. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and conversational analytics will reinforce SEO practices and overall business intelligence.

4. Rise of the social media influencers

Rise of the social media influencers

The social media influencers have come a long way and will continue to be impactful in 2021. With their large stream of followers, they can easily make a product trend big time online. Marketers would collaborate with a network of small, niche and relevant influencers, not only to generate leads but to achieve other marketing goals as well. Going forward, more marketers would employ this strategy, rather than focussing on one celebrity.

5. Renewed focus on visual SEO

 Renewed focus on visual SEO

We expect a renewed focus on visual SEO in the coming year, thanks to popular platforms such as Pinterest and Google Lens.  These platforms conduct visual searches on the basis of pictures provided by users and return relevant information. Pinterest is said to receive over 600 million visual searches every month now. This is fast becoming a craze and SEO experts would modify their marketing strategies to make room for this changing trend.

6. Focus on local audience

We expect a renewed focus on local audience. Local listings are going to get utmost priorities in 2021. Instead of trying to woo buyers from other states or countries, future SEO strategies are expected to focus more on reaching out to local audience. They will try to attract people living nearby to visit their business places more often and place orders. Businesses will list themselves on Google My Business (GMB) and other classified sits so that they attract attention of users looking for services near their areas.

Irrespective of the SEO methods you employ, the basic idea remains the same- you should try to increase customer engagement all the time.

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